Laura is a longtime Outer Banks resident – since 1986 anyway! She raised her children in Southern Shores while employed in the vacation rental business. She and her husband Bob now work in the financial services industry and love to take trips in their motorhome.

In July 2023, Laura was diagnosed with breast cancer. She found it challenging to get answers from her health plan regarding coverage, payments, and how to proceed.

On the day before her first chemotherapy session, Laura found out she needed to self-pay while her coverage was being considered.

Laura’s cancer required aggressive intervention. With no time to lose, she continued her treatment without knowing the extent of her financial liability.

That’s when Laura reached out to the Relief Foundation. When a friend first told her about the foundation, Laura was reluctant to apply, feeling uncomfortable asking for help. But as the expense for each treatment accrued on her credit card, she decided to go ahead. The Relief Foundation paid Laura’s mortgage for two months.

“It truly is a relief to know the funds were available to help us cover our mortgage. It’s given us peace of mind.”

Laura recently shared great news.

“Our health plan is paying for treatment in 2024. I learned a great deal about how to be in constant contact and track every expense and payment in regard to treatments. Also, I have five more chemo treatments left and then radiation but, from an overall perspective, I am doing extremely well. I continue to share my story and hope it will help someone else in the future.”