You might recognize Kenny Lubosch, the beloved Outer Banks UPS driver pictured here with his children Simone, Aspyn and Bailey. He delivered smiles and cheer around the beach along with his packages.

That was until a September 2021 accident left him with a multitude of injuries including a traumatic brain injury, internal bleeding, “too many facial fractures to count” and so much more. His wife Elaine said,

“While we’re all so thankful that he’s still with us, he is a completely different person and is now permanently disabled.”

A fundraiser shortly after the accident helped Elaine pay bills and expenses for the first year or so while Kenny received treatment. As it became clear that Kenny would be unable to return to work, Elaine was left trying to figure out what to do next.

In addition to parenting their young children, Elaine is now the caretaker of her husband who has multiple healthcare appointments each week. Trying to figure out where to plug a job into that equation seemed impossible. After encouragement from friends, she reached out to the Outer Banks Relief Foundation. Elaine said,

“The Relief Foundation was able to provide several thousand dollars to pay our mortgage and utilities, helping us make ends meet while focusing on our family and figuring out where our lives need to go from here.”

Relief funding gave the Lubosches the gift of time to make critical life changes. Elaine adds,

“While I certainly don’t have it all figured out, I think we’re well on the way to finding our new life path.”