In the midst of the Covid pandemic, sixty-year-old Julieta, a Dare County Schools employee for over two decades and a native of the Outer Banks, was diagnosed with a type of bone cancer. The treatments were expensive, and her insurance did not cover everything. Julieta was not only in physical pain, she was struggling with the financial burdens of her illness.

Luckily Julieta found the Outer Banks Relief Foundation through a friend and, as she stated,

“It felt like a boulder had been lifted.”

The Relief Foundation paid Julieta’s mortgage and car payments.

“That assistance gave me the time to focus on healing.”

It has been two years, and Julieta is still receiving treatments. Through this long process, she is taking life one day at a time. She is beyond grateful for all those who donate their time and resources to the Outer Banks Relief Foundation to give people vital support and guidance during difficult times. In her words,

“The Outer Banks Relief Foundation is a blessing.”


Julieta’s name & likeness have been changed for privacy