in his own words…

“My wife Sallyann and I always dreamed of retiring to the beach. We were thrilled to move to Kill Devil Hills from Pennsylvania. I’m 64 years old and retired. Sallyann is our real breadwinner these days. She works as a server in an assisted living facility and enjoys her job.

I spend most of my time with my Labrador retriever Dakota. The rest of the time I’m doing my duties as the house husband, teaching myself to paint in acrylics or playing amateur photographer. Dakota and I are lucky to have Sallyann!

Last year, we thought all this might be coming to an end.

Sallyann hurt her back at work. It took a few weeks for the needed testing and a subsequent diagnosis. During that time, she could not work. This put us in the position of getting behind on our bills. Our main concern was how we would pay our rent. We were told about the Relief Foundation by the leasing agent at our apartment, and my wife made the call.

The folks there were so kind and truly understood our situation. In just a few days we were told that they would take care of the rent for that month. We were totally astounded how fast this took. We were able to pay our rent, and it was not long after that my wife returned to work on limited duty. Thanks to such wonderful people, we are back on track.

Now I make it a point every month to give back a little something monetarily to help others in need. Thank you again to the great folks at the Outer Banks Relief Foundation!”

James and Sallyann's dog, Dakota

James & Sallyann’s dog, Dakota