In 2020 at the peak of Covid-19 Heather Euler found a lump on her chest. Tests confirmed it was breast cancer.

As she started chemotherapy, she found that soaking in a hot bath relieved her stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, her water heater sprung a leak, soaked the carpet and caused expensive damage to her home. Facing household repairs, ongoing chemotherapy and overwhelming medical bills, Heather decided to ask for help.

Assistance from the Outer Banks Relief Foundation enabled Heather to get financially caught up and to a place where the day to day became easier.

In fact, overcoming her challenges helped Heather find her voice. She is now running for Dare County Commissioner and committed to finding ways to ensure all women have access to free mammograms.

Although she recently found out that her cancer has returned, she is determined to push through with her campaign.

“I will beat cancer and am ready to fight for Dare County in the fall.”

Reflecting on the impact of Relief Foundation assistance, Heather says she felt “safe and comforted to know people cared.”

This story is by Laney Waughtel, Relief Foundation intern. The Outer Banks Relief Foundation does not endorse, support or oppose candidates for public office.