In February 2020, Barbara Miller of Frisco was treated for endometrioid adenocarcinoma at Sentara Princess Anne Hospital in Virginia Beach. After a costly major surgery, further CT scans, and follow-up appointments, Barbara could not afford the time off from work that was needed for her recovery.

In addition to that, with COVID-19 concerns peaking, the tragic passing of one of her coworkers, and Hurricane Dorian’s devastations, her place of employment — the Frisco Native American Museum — was closed down.

The loss of Barbara’s income combined with the cost of her cancer treatment was truly a crisis. After hearing about the foundation through a friend, Barbara reached out and applied for help to pay her rent, electric, and water bills.

“No one wants to ask for help, but I did, and it provided so much relief at a time when all I could think about was surviving cancer.”

Barbara is excited to report that at her last checkup she tested negative for cancer. She is winning the fight.

Pictured above is “Lady” an etching made by Barbara. You can see more of her etchings and beaded art at